Fall is in the air!

Well at least in some parts of the country!  Here in Charleston it is still 90 degrees day after day, but we are hoping for cooler temps soon!  Despite the temperature, we are ready for fall!  Pumpkins and mums are in stores and we are ready to start decorating our homes for the season.  Last year I talked about some fun ways to decorate your front porch but this year I figured I’d bring it inside and give some tips on sprucing up your interior spaces for the holiday!  There are a few spots in my house that I like to change when holidays roll around, the first being my coffee table!  It really is the center of the room and it’s nice to change it up every now and then.

An easy way to accessorize your coffee table (for any time of the year) is to start with a tray.  A tray can be used all year round and then just switch out the items on the tray to spice it up!  I usually start with a few small books stacked, topped with a festive fall candle, and then a vase with seasonal flowers next to it; whether it’s fall flowers or mini pumpkins on the stem!  With these quick easy changes, you’ve made a big impact to your table!  It’s always nice to include something high to add some visual interest.  Here are some fun inspiration images!

Images From:

Cocos Tea Party, 

Life As Mama

And if you’re looking for the perfect tray, first decide what material is best for your decor…is it Wood? Brass? Metal?  And make sure it’s a good size, not too small!  You want a tray that will take up about a third of your coffee table.  Check your local Target or Home Goods, I can usually find a great one at either place!  Like this one, and this one!

Of course a tray can be placed anywhere, whether it’s your coffee table, an entry table or a spot on your kitchen counter!

My kitchen island is another spot that usually needs a freshening up, I can only look at a fruit bowl for so long!  I have an antique dough bowl sitting on my island already and love this idea of replacing the fruit with small pumpkins!  Use any bowl that you already have…and add some greenery too!

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 6.24.24 AM


Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 6.27.26 AM.png


Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 6.33.41 AM


Finally, the mantle! I’m loving these ideas for a fall mantle.  Clearly I’m leaning towards the whites and greens but of course you can easily add some color with any of these ideas!  The mercury glass in the first image adds a dash of sparkle which is nice too,  especially for a more formal room.  When decorating a mantle it’s easy to work from the outside in.  Start with something tall on each side whether it’s candlesticks, lanterns or vases and move towards a central focal point to create balance.  Greenery and florals are an easy way to take up a lot of space while also adding that natural element.

Happy decorating!

Images From:

Pop Sugar

Decor Homes

One Kings Lane

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