Starting a Blog!

Hi, my name is Kate Miles and I’m so excited to be starting a blog!  I have been a stay at home Mom for the past two years since having my sweet boy, Jackson.  I feel so lucky to have had this time to spend with him.  Prior to motherhood, I worked as an Interior Designer for a large furniture store and I’ve missed it!  In the past few months I have started a few small freelance design projects and am hoping to continue to grow my business, Kate Miles Interior Design.  Through this blog I intend to share any design projects that I’m working on, interior design topics, mom stuff, kid stuff, travel, fashion, and our life here in Charleston, South Carolina! Here is a recent photo of me, Jackson and my husband, Quinton.


Photo Credit: Gray Benko Photography

My Dress: THML from Escapada (I think they’re sold out but they have some great dresses!)

Q’s Shirt: Vineyard Vines

Jackson’s Shirt: Johnnie O

Looking forward to starting this journey!



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